A suite of services for any luxury homebuilding need.


Full-scale design and contruction for luxury homes in the GTA.


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Building Luxury Homes From Design to Finish

V2 Group is a complete luxury home construction company, offering start-to-finish design, construction, and detailing. Specialty rooms, such as theatre rooms or ornament libraries are common in luxury homes and offer a unique construction challenge but V2 Group has lots of experience providing top-of-the-line specialty rooms for our clients no matter what the use is. We don't do construction in other residential or commercial areas - we focus solely on luxury homes, and we make sure that we are providing some of the best luxury homes on the market. This focus on the luxury home niche gives V2 Group a strong advantage, both from a construction stand-point, but also from understanding our clients needs. We work closely with clients from inception to finish to ensure that their home exceeds expectations.

Luxury homes are unique right from the get-go. V2 Group ensures the project is properly designed to provide both the home client's are envisioning as well as meeting cost constraints, efficient construction scheduling, and then ultimately that the home will be a comfortable place for client's to live in. We know that once construction finishes, our work isn't done. V2 Group's craftsmanship and care lasts long after we have left the site - as our client's live happily in their new home, the great quality construction will last a lifetime. It is our hope that our client's dream homes are turned into reality. Contact us today to learn more about how V2 Group can help you make that happen.

We can do it all.

V2 Group is made up of a various professionals with extensive experience, altogether providing a great team for completing a project from start to finish. Having a good team on hand minimizes end costs for our clients and ensures the best quality home. We have a team on hand that can cover just about all of luxury home construction needs, including:

  • Design specialists
  • Specialty trucks for large concrete pours
  • Expert framing crew
  • Finish installers

Any expertise we don't have on hand, we have a host of trusted sub-trades on hand, including: